Author: Throckmorton
Published: 05/29/2021

What are end-lots of fabric?

What do we mean when we say "we use end-lots of fabric"?

What are end-lots?
End lots are what's referred to as new, unused,  remaining portion of material that has been designed, produced and/or purchased for a specific job/project in mind.

End lots can be:
a) the end of a bolt of fabric from a retail store
b) the end of a production roll of fabric from a designer/ design house/ studio
c) the end/ unused portion of a production run (sometimes referred to as the over-run)
d) the unused portions of stock from the supplier warehouse 

Why do we care? 
Once the initial project is done sometimes there is little to no use for the left-over parts.  End-lots often become remnants or waste and therefore needs a new use/ user who is willing to use the material in a way or in a design that it was not previously designed or produced for.   We do not want to see that material in the landfills or sitting around so long it becomes unusable. 

Where are end-lots purchased from?
End-lots are purchased from design houses, garment manufacturers, private label designers and private collections.

     Designer End-Lots   Manufacturing End-Lots Retail End-Lots

             Designer End-Lots                               Garment Manufacturing End-Lots              Retail End-Lots 



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