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Clothing as Art; Brand

Throckmorton Jones, A Fashion Art Brand, founded in 2011 in Northern California. Our collections are innovative, unexpected and getting people talking.

We create unique & exceptionally designed pieces that help you express your authentic personal style so you can live in your best flow.

Throckmorton Jones give you an alternative to trendy fast fashion. There is attention in every detail, beautiful rich textures, unusual materials, sustainable sourcing, eco friendly production and ethical business practices. Discover beautiful & unique designs, be inspired to use and amplify the many ways fashion can empower self-expression, be a conversation starter and also be sustainable.

We partner with independent artist, suppliers and service providers to amplify unique style and share the economic growth, donating material and hardware we cannot use to charities and individual artists.

Our brand loyalists are a blend of unique personal style, savvy mindset and passion for quality, globally aware and taking action to make an impact with their buying power.

Throckmorton Jones is the place you can find the unique pieces that help you stand out, to be remembered. Visit our shop to buy something that brings joy to your heart, light to your spirit, and happiness to your day.


Lisa Jones, Founder and Designer, has more than 18 years of experience as a professional in the fashion industry, working globally in Italy, France and Morocco with brands including but not limited to Ralph Lauren, Guess, Timberland, and Athleta.

Lisa Jones launched, Throckmorton Jones. A venture of divine and decadent details, ode to classic excellence and a reverence for exemplary technical modalities. Obsessed with functional beauty her collections rock the hearts of aesthetic fanatics and functional adepts alike.

A solid balance of successful business strategy and design expertise combined with hands on experience, results in innovative designs, solutions and products.

Jones' goal is to build a successful, grass roots business that can be used as a model company for other grass roots companies. One that stimulates economy, offers flexibility in work schedule, educates through doing and learning skills that lead to a sustainable partnerships.

Ron Tomassini, Partner and Contributing Artist resides in Northern California and has been working as a professional Artist, Designer and Web Developer since the mid 1990s. Ron started his career as an illustrator/designer. Over the years he has diversified into the digital world… helping companies build successful international brands, built an award winning e-learning platform, and developed online portals serving hundreds of thousands of users.

Contributing Artists

Theresa Gibbs hailing from Pennsylvania, currently resides 1/2 in California 1/2 in Hawaii. Theresa is a diverse spirit, well practiced in the art of compassion and is currently expressing her artful self thru beading, metal sculptures and Avant-garde wearables.

Theresa’s original fondness for designing and making jewelry initiated in her childhood, stringing colored painted elbow macaroni into a story. A few years later her father made her a birthday treasure chest, heaping and overflowing with costume jewelry of all sorts and styles... captivating her senses from the shining, glimmering collections of these necklaces, beads and pins, Theresa was transformed to go to work and design with her own distinctive manner of expression. There in that moment, she shaped a tribute to all beads.

Self taught throughout the decades. Her passion is for one of a kind, unique and artful style and adornment with intention... opening herself in constructing unique relationships with the jewelry and others.

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